Ability to refresh other than pull-to-refresh

Currently, we are limited to refresh using pull-to-refresh. With lots of content, we have to scroll up to the top to execute pull-to-refresh. Would be great to execute a refresh from anywhere within the app without the unnecessary scrolling.

@Dixy88 How would you like / expect this to work - if not pull to refresh?

Good question @bernard . First thought is to have an optional “button” within the navigation bar perhaps. So creators that won’t have a use for it, will have an option to hide this. That way, it’s a little less obtrusive than trying to stick in some UI elsewhere on the app.

So I would definitely not have it as an either/or, but an optional addition to pull-to-refresh

PS: Thank you for choosing my post as your first post to comment on :nerd_face: - and welcome to the community :partying_face:

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