Discover the exciting new features in Release 2024.5!


In this release, we bring you three new components, an improved media-field, a way to handle offline remote data, improvements to troubleshooting, and bug fixes in the mobile app. See the details below:

Mobile Apps

New Features & improvements

  • Troubleshooting - The app’s profile > troubleshooting section now has improved detailed logging. Toggle the categories you want to troubleshoot or see what categories are already enabled using the Selected tab.
  • Added the ability to tap on a widget to trigger an action by adding an onPress event to the widget properties. See the widget onPress example for more information.


New Features & improvements

  • Carousel component - The carousel is an interactive component that enables you to swipe through a set of items, making navigation of content engaging and dynamic. For example, images, products, or content can be browsed by swiping left or right. In addition to swipe gestures, navigation identifiers are included in dots or a counter. The dots/counter indicates the current position within the carousel.
  • info-modal action - The info modal is a pop-up window that provides additional information or context without navigating away from the current screen. It displays additional information and offers guidance or instructions.
  • media-field - now includes uploading files, images, videos, or a combination.
  • card component - The card is a versatile and visually appealing UI element that encapsulates and presents information or interactive content in a structured, consistent, and user-friendly manner. Each card can include a mix of text, images, and interactive elements, creating a self-contained unit of content.


New Features & improvements

  • Offline remote data handling - Dealing with offline remote data is fundamental to ensuring data synchronization between the mobile app and the remote data source, allowing users to continue using the app and performing actions without interruption. Queue operations provide the functionality needed when the device regains network connectivity. QueueOperations manage a sequence of elements in a specific order. The commands in the queue can be manipulated to reduce the number of calls to the remote data store.
  • Convert HEIC to JPEG in conversions - On iOS, files are uploaded as HEIC files, which can cause issues, and viewing HEIC files on a non-iOS device is impossible. A new property has been added in the ConversionDefinition: convertHeicToJpg. Set the flag to true, and the file is converted from HEIC to JPG.

To see the full list of bug fixes, and improvements in Jigx 2024.5 see the release notes.