See what's new in our latest release 2023.13!

What's New Release 2023.13

Jigx 2023.13 includes global/shared actions, improvements to icons and image assets as well as the Salesforce provider. Watch the video above for more information.

Mobile Apps

New Features & improvements

  • Added ability to have a solution with only a custom Home Hub and without a widget-based (default) Home Hub. See Home Hub and Custom Home Hub for more information.
  • Added global/shared actions to solutions. See Actions for more information.
  • Improved the general file and photo upload experience.


New Features & improvements

  • Added auto-include of http/https URI prefixes in various components, e.g.,


New Features & improvements

  • Shared (Global) actions - Shared actions enable creators to define an effort once and reuse it across multiple Jigs. New solutions open with the action folder structure; existing solutions will not have the folder; you need to manually add the folder for these solutions. See global actions for more information.
  • Salesforce provider now recognizes standard Salesforce objects and provides a list of these when using IntelliSense in Jigx Builder. Note that custom objects need to be manually added and will be squiggled in blue to indicate the Salesforce entity is unknown. Ignore this warning if the entity is custom.
  • General improvements have been implemented in snippets to enhance usability.
  • In index, widget configuration now provides a quick fix to address problems related to invalid jig references.
  • Moved assets (icons and images) from index.jigx to a new assets folder. The icons.jigx and images.jigx files are automatically created for you under the folder.

Jigx Management

New features & improvements

  • Ability to delete unused data tables for Dynamic Data . For more information see Deleting tables.
  • Add the ability for support to set Organization and Solution limits, read-only access for non-SUPPORT users.

To see the full list of bug fixes, improvements and breaking changes in Jigx 2023.13 see the full release notes