Jigx 2023.12 is available!

What's New Release 2023.12

Jigx 2023.12 includes two new components, thousands of new icons and dynamic data security as well as other improvements and bug fixes. Watch the video above showing these new features.

Mobile Apps

New Features & improvements

  • Added more than 10.000 new icons :tada:. For more information, see Jigx icons.

  • Automatically adds icons used in the solution to assets: in index.jigx, ensuring icons are visible when the device is offline. For more information, see Icon assets in solutions.


New Features & improvements

  • Added a new component called component.countdown. For more information and code samples see countdown.

  • Added a new component called component.progress bar. For more information and code samples see progress-bar.


New Features & improvements

  • Jigx Builder will automatically add the .jigx file extension if you do not specify it.

  • widgets are now configurable as part of jig Templates. See more information Templates.

  • Improved login and Deployment error messages are more descriptive and user-friendly.

  • IntelliSense has been improved to support grouping of related code snippets.

Jigx Management

New features & improvements

  • Dynamic Data - Added Row Level Security (RLS) through security policies and authorization. For more information, see Row Level Security, Data policies and Authorized users.

    • When upgrading to 2023.12, existing Dynamic Data tables will have the Allow Everyone restriction set for all CRUD methods in the data policies setting in Jigx Management. No Authorized Users (Owners or Members) are set for data records. You must manually set the Authorized Users for each data record in each table according to your security requirements.

    • Recommendation: With the introduction of row-level-security (RLS), Jigx recommends you re-deploy existing solutions to enforce the latest so that policies work correctly. Enforce minimum version to 2023.12 to ensure policies operate as expected.

  • Added JSON support to Dynamic Data. You can upload data using a JSON or CSV file. For more information, see Dynamic Data.

  • Ability to pin five of your favorite solutions to the top of the solutions page for quick access. See Favorite Solutions for more details.

To see the full list of bug fixes and improvements in Jigx 2023.12 see the full release notes