See what's new in our first release in 2024 🎉

Jigx 2024.1 includes a new full screen jig type, enhanced list-item styling and the ability to delete your account from the mobile app. See the details below:

Mobile Apps

New Features & improvements

  • Added the ability to delete your account from the personal information section under your Profile screen in the mobile app. Once deleted, you are logged out of the Jigx App, and your account is deleted from Jigx Management.
  • Added a new jig type for components such as location to occupy the entire screen with no other elements. See jig.fullscreen for more details.


New Features & improvements

  • Added the isContained property to enhance the styling of jig.list and component.list-item which wraps each item in the list in a card. See Lists with items contained in a card. This property can only be used with vertical lists and component.list-item.
  • Charts now support using expressions in the max, min and tickAmount properties.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where icons led to errors during the deployment of a solution.
  • Fixed an issue with IntelliSense, that would not consistently show up when beginning to type a property name.
  • Resolved an issue where IntelliSense options were not appearing for jig.state.

Jigx Management

New features & improvements

  • Added a dropdown to Solution Settings allowing you to choose which data to copy. You can decide whether restricted data can be copied when a solution is copied.
  • Removed the Disable user button from the User screen in Management, use permissions to deny users access.
  • Performance improvements and security enhancements.


  • The property isScrollable used in the jig.default allowing the component in the jig to fill the entire screen, has been depreciated. The new jig type full-screen provides similiar functionality.

To see the full list of bug fixes, improvements and breaking changes in Jigx 2024.1 see the release notes