Introducing Jigx Release 2024.2, see what's new and improved

Jigx 2024.2 includes new templates, enhancements in Management and bug fixes. See the details below:

Mobile Apps

New Features & improvements

  • Added the ability to deep link from a jig to an external app using the open-url action, for example, opening Google Maps from an address link in a contacts list jig. For more information, see deep links and open-url.


New Features & improvements

  • Dynamically sync-entities - When building a solution, the number of entities to sync and the parameters for each are not always known; for example, when syncing the attachments, files, and documents from a source, there can be zero, one, or more. It is necessary to dynamically specify a list of the entities, functions, and function parameters to return from the input source using an expression. For more information, see Dynamically sync multiple entities.
  • Best practice for production apps is to use REST as the data layer to access data and not directly integrate to SQL using the SQL data provider. The SQL data provider will be squiggled in blue to indicate it is not recommended, together with a message to use REST instead.
  • Use a scenario template to quickly create a contacts management solution. The solution consists of forms to create a new contact, view the contact details, edit the details, and list all your contacts. It is easy to customize the template for similar solutions.
  • Added widget templates - Using widget templates significantly speeds up the development process. These templates provide a pre-built structure for the various types of widgets that can be customized as needed. Widget templates are only available on widgets with a size setting of 2x2 or greater.
  • If an expression has a chain of single options, IntelliSense will add it at once.


New Features & improvements

  • Added the ability to clean up favorite solutions and to remove favorite entries that are no longer available. This is useful when a solution is deleted, or you can no longer see the solution in the list. Only the last 5 solutions pinned as favorites are tracked. This enhancement provides a quick indicator that a frequented solution from management is no longer available.
  • Creating a copy of a solution duplicates the structure of the credentials and connections to allow for easy configuration by only having to respecify secrets.
  • Widgets and stories now indicate when non-group-assigned items are inaccessible by anyone. Once access is applied, access is granted according to the applied permissions.
  • Added a visible Edit groups link to the solutions permissions tab making it easier to edit group access to the solution.
  • Changed help icons to open in a new tab rather than in a widget.
  • Added an indication of the solution count per organization on the User > Profile - Organizations section. This is useful for people belonging to multi-organizations. On the user’s profile, all organizations assigned to the user are visible with an active solution count. Clicking on an organization will easily switch you to that organization where solutions are assigned; go to the Solutions tab, and manipulate access as required.
    *Added an Idle logout minutes option for Jigx Management. This is an optional security setting that, once applied, will display a prompt and then log the person out of Jigx Management after being idle for the configured period. Enabling the checkbox has a default of 120 minutes but is configurable to your requirements. See Advanced Setting for more information.

To see the full list of bug fixes, and improvements in Jigx 2024.2 see the release notes.