Introducing our latest Release 2024.4!

Jigx 2024.4 includes significant speed and performance improvements, and bug fixes in the mobile app. See the details below:

Mobile Apps

New Features & improvements

  • Significantly faster speeds and enhanced performance on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Added the ability to accommodate unknown domains not associated with the organization using a wildcard (*) in the OAuth configuration. See Set up a domain wildcard for more information.
  • An improvement has been made when loading the Jigx App, a spinner and loading text is displayed while the solution is being loaded.


New Features & improvements

  • Code Navigation - navigate through code with the Go to Definition (F12) and Go to References (+F12) functionality. Quickly go to data sources, components, jigs, and function definitions, or see where these are referenced across your solution.
  • Authorization - Jigx Builder remembers your login credentials after a successful login, this means the next time you open Jigx Builder and want to publish a project, your credentials do not need to be re-entered. You can re-login at any time by using the login again icon at the top of the Jigx Explorer pane, as shown below.


New Features & improvements

  • Dynamic Data record types - You can toggle between data types using the sparkler on the right of each data field and then save the record, for example, from string to number. See Change a data record type for more information.

To see the full list of bug fixes, and improvements in Jigx 2024.4 see the release notes.