Jigx 2023.10 is available

Jigx 2023.10 includes improvements and bug fixes in the mobile app, components, Jigx management, and Jigx builder.

Mobile Apps - New Features & improvements

  • Improved tablet UI rendering

Components - New Features & improvements

  • Added a size option to component.location . For more information see Full screen location.
  • Improved zoom-in animation of component.location. For more information see location displaying path example.
  • Added support for custom cropping ratio to component.media-field . For more information see media-field.

Builder - New Features & improvements

Known Issues

  • When clearing a datasource or property configuration in Jigx Builder
    , no IntelliSense is available to re-start the configuration.
    Workaround: Navigate away from the file, then return to the file and invoke IntelliSense (ctrl+space).
  • When global datasources are configured in Jigx Builder
    where the schema contains an enum with an empty array, the schema validation incorrectly shows errors.

Breaking Changes

Certain properties can be deprecated or changed in Jigx Builder between versions. To ensure that solutions continue to function on the device, Jigx has added the ability to transform a solution’s definition to comply with the current application’s schema version during runtime. This means that the following can occur:

  1. When the Jigx App version is greater than the Jigx Builder version, solutions will continue to work in the Jigx mobile app, while in Jigx Builder the deprecated property displays with red validation squiggles. Hover over the validation issue to see the available property options.

  2. When the Jigx Builder version is greater than the Jigx App version, the mobile app displays the Out of date screen. Update the app by tapping the Update button which will direct you to the latest version of the Jigx App in the App Store or Google Play Store.

To see the full list of bug fixes and improvements in Jigx 2023.10 see the full release notes

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