How to build the right application?

I would like to share with you, some of the tips that guided me and helped me through while building the application for customers.

  • Speak with your customer about his needs. Get as much information about what the customer needs as possible. Such as: Why do they need the app? What should be the capability of the app? Do they already have an app or web application? Who will be the targeted audience? How many users there will be?
  • Start the research on similar apps. Point out their advantages / disadvantages. If possible try them out. Maybe get some inspiration from them.
  • Before the first build, start with creating your first design and proposals for the app. While doing the design and proposals try to think “out of the box” about the application that you are building. It’s better to do the proposals and design first, as you get a view what will the app actually do, rather then starting to build it without any thoughts about the design. You could end up in the situation that your app will be something totally different and you will have to start over, and you will end up burning a lot of time with this.
  • After the proposals and first design you are starting to build the app. It’s always good to discuss the building process with someone and maybe show them the progress, because with this approach you can get a valuable feedback on your build.
  • And lastly, don’t rush it. Details matter, and those little things make the big things happen. :star_struck:
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