onPress event of swipeable actions not triggering


  • I have a composite jig with a list jig as one of the children.
  • The list has swipeable actions
  • If the list jig is set to initiallyCollapsed: true, the onPress event of the swipeable action does not trigger
  • If I do not set the Collapsable properties, the onPress event fires.
  • This behaviour is seen in both Android and iOS

Please see below videos.

Note: this is not attached to a working function. I wanted to quickly show the behaviour of the onPress action. I have this same problem in apps with working functions.

Hi @Amanda

Thanks for raising this bug with details.
I have logged this with our development team to investigate.

Hi @Amanda

This bug has been fixed in Jigx 2024.3 that released today. Please take note of the known issue mentioned in the release notes related to using initiallyCollapsed: true.