Tips for assigning/unassigning Multiple solutions

Rookie Error Alert! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I recall, as a newbie, I felt like I won the lotto when I figured out I did not have to go to each solution individually to assign or unassign the solution to myself.

If you are, like me, met with numerous solutions, the easiest way to manage the ones you should be assigned is to just go to the solutions under your own user profile.

If you went the not-so-clever route, you would’ve gone to Solutions, searched for the solution, gone to permissions and there add/remove/adjust your role accordingly.

The easier way?

Head to your profile > Solutions > Now each solution is listed and you can edit the role accordingly, setting it to deny, etc. You can also just add another solution by clicking on the Add Solutions button.

Hope this is helpful to someone :crossed_fingers:t3: