Missing function connection Error

If you run into an error that states Missing function connection, there are a few ways for you to narrow it down.

Common symptoms of this include:

  1. A connection was specified in the function, but not in Management
  2. A conflict in the specified connection in the function vs Management, i.e. a typo or a change of name

Below demonstrates how these connections are typically set up - here they both exist and are the same, so no issues are present.

Specified connection in the function definition:
CleanShot 2024-01-24 at 11.56.28@2x

Specified connection in Management:

The other unique scenario you may stumble upon is where you accidentally grouped REST functions under SQL providers when executing multiple functions at once.

Take the below screenshot for instance, where a bunch of Sync Entities are executed. The problem is that the provider has been specified as SQL and functions 1 is a SQL function, but functions nr 2 and 3 are REST functions and as a result it’s looking for a connection that is not present within those function definitions.

Moving that function out to it’s own action with a REST provider specified instead will resolve the issue and no errors will be present any longer. It would then look like the below instead:

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