UPDATED: Auto-fill using Samsung Pass for Passwords now working

If you happen to stumble into an issue where you are a Samsung user and your password autofill is not working, please note it is a known issue and is already scheduled for fixing.

UPDATE: This has already been fixed, but keeping this incase any else needs this guidance and still experiences this on older versions.

Here’s two possible workarounds. :nerd_face:

1. Change your auto-fill provider

You can change your auto-fill provider to a Google Provider using these steps.
1.1. On your Android device, head to your Settings.
1.2. Select the General Management menu
1.3. Select the Passwords and autofill menu
1.4. Now click in space where it states Autofill with Samsung Pass
1.5. The autofill service page will open
1.6. Select another service, or add another service as you see fit. I’ve opted for the Google service
1.7. After you’ve successfully changed the autofill provider, head over to the Jigx app and you should be able to login now, with autofill completion again :star_struck:

2. Use the additional steps to access autofill

2.1. Open your Jigx app and click on get started
2.2. Enter your email / username and continue to the password prompt
2.3. Click on the ellipses/breadcrumbs towards the right of the screen
2.4. Various options appear - click on Samsung Pass
2.5. Validate/login to Samsung Pass
2.6. Once logged in, select the relevant credentials you want to use (make sure to click the password section, not the username)
2.7. After the selection above, the password should be entered and you can proceed accordingly :partying_face: