Tablet Support or support for devices with > 6.25" screens

Hi Everyone,

I loaded the Jigx app onto a Lenovo X505X which is a 10# tablet, and all seemed OK, except once I had logged in it seemed to be treating the tablet as if its a desktop or laptop. It won’t open the APP dashboard that displays the APPS and I am stuck in a loop in Jigx Management.

By loop I mean that if you tap on the google play store to download the app, it takes you back to the Google App store an then back to the login screen. So, I never get to the point where I can select one of my pre-existing APPs.

The jigx APP works fine on a Huawei Y7,Oppo 53 and then Samsung A3 Core, which all have screens in varying sizes just below 7", however has this issue on the Lenovo Tablet.

We will investigate and get back to you shortly. Thanks

We will reach out to see what could be happening with your device.
I am currently using a Samsung S8 Ultra tablet which has a 14+inch display without issues. So the screen size shouldnt be an issue at all.
Thanks for reaching out

Hi Guys,

I managed to troubleshoot the problem. I had typed the username / email address in incorrectly on the tablet, and then it was throwing the error message “access denied” but then still giving me access to Jigx Management - which is strange. The access denied message only flashed very briefly before redirecting to Jigx Management, which is what led me to check the credentials.

The good news though is that the Jigx APP is now running on the Lenovo Tablet, and it looks great - its going to be great to display graphs and statistical data.

Thank you for the help.


Glad you were able to get past the issue and can use the app on the tablet now :slight_smile: