Where to find your downloads on Android and iOS

You’ve used the download method on an action, but you are not sure where exactly to find your downloads?

We’ve got you covered.

On Android:

  1. On your Android device, search for or go to Files, File Manager or similar app(s) in your app drawer
  2. Find the Internal Storage menu option and navigate there. In certain instances it may also be called Device Storage.
  3. Within the internal storage, you should see various folders. Now locate the Documents folder. NOTE: Not the Downloads folder
  4. Tap on the Documents folder to access its contents
  5. When you are inside the Documents folder, you should see your downloaded items. They may be organized by date, file type, or in the order of download.
  6. Once you locate the desired file, tap on it to open or share it.

On iOS:

  1. On your iOS device, look for the Files app and tap to open it
  2. Your Files app will either open up in the Browse tab or on an already selected section. Main sections include iCloud Drive, On my iPhone, Downloads and other locations. The On my iPhone section represents the files stored locally on your device.
  3. If your app has opened on the Browse tab, jump to step 6
  4. If your app has opened on the On my iPhone selection, jump to step 8
  5. If your app has opened on another section, i.e. iCloud Drive, click on the Browse menu item in the top left corner (next to the page title)
  6. When you land on the Browse tab, you can locate the On my iPhone option
  7. Tap on the On my iPhone option
  8. With the On my iPhone option selected, locate the Jigx folder
  9. When you locate the Jigx folder, you can tap on it to access the files you wish to access.
  10. Once you locate the downloaded file you want to access, tap on it to open, view, or share it.