How to give URL on widget Icon?

I don’t want to open a widget. When we click on the widget icon redirect to the other website. How we do that?


Thanks for your question!

If you’re using 1x1 widget, you can set up a full-screen web-view component as a children

title: Jigx Community
type: jig.default
isScrollable: false

  - type: component.web-view
      isTrackingTransparencyRequired: true

If you want to be redirected to the website outside the app, you’ll need to use the open-url action. You can configure it as an Action or an onPress component event. Unfortunately, this is not possible to trigger by tapping the widget.


For more examples please check our documentation: web-view and open-url
I hope this helps you

Hello, thanks for your response. I want to know that is it possible to link k2 smart form with the jigx app in a single sign in. Like when user click on jigx widget then user redirect to k2 smart form and after filling out the form back to jigx app. And we don’t need to sign in again on k2 smart form.

Hi - Could you confirm that you are looking to solve a “single sign on” issue here where the Jigx app would pass the security context of the logged in user on Jigx to the K2 smartform to avoid a login challenge on the K2 Smartform? We know for sure that the Jigx webview allows you to host the K2 smartform or any other web based form. If you can provide some futher feedback we can investigae what is possible on passing security context. thanks

Yes, That’s correct we want a Jigx app to pass the security context of the logged in user on Jigx to the K2 smartform to avoid a login challenge on the K2 Smartform.

OK great - investigation underway - we will have an answer for you in the next 24 hours

Hi - ok we have reviewed this question in some depth. Today you will need to sign into a K2 smartform ONCE. After that it will remember your login for any further smartforms that you use from within the Jigx app until you kill the app or the K2 smartform token expires. In practical terms that means one login for now. Technically it is possible to have an SSO experience between Jigx and K2 smartforms. We are releasing enhancements to our SSO experience which will continue to improve this experience. We expect to have a full solution for this in the next 6 - 12 month period. Look out for SSO enhancements within the next quarter.

How to design “recommended events” like design on homepage? Please provide the solution.
and on home page how we put image with no title.
Design -

@shubhamsharma - have you managed to get the home screen image without title yet? Let me know and i will try help you.

Not yet, please help

@shubhamsharma, we working on a solution for you and will get back to you shortly.